How to Launch an Automated Digital Advertising Company Online

Have you ever considered increasing your advertising agency’s revenue without spending a lot of money?

or starting your own digital advertising company online to target a specific market segment?

For a small investment and a high return, a niche-market-serving automated ad network business online can boost revenue,


market visibility, and customer service. Online display advertising continues to expand in today’s weak market.

According to the IAB, Internet ad revenues reached nearly $15 billion in the first half of 2011. For the second quarter alone,

internet ad revenues increased by 24.1 percent to $7.7 billion. That compares to revenues for the same period in 2009, which were $6.2 billion, an increase of 13.9%.


In the first six months of 2011, banner ads, rich media, digital video,

and sponsorships made up more than $5.5 billion in display-related advertising.

Display’s growth rate in 2010 was 27.1 percent, which was significantly higher than the previous year’s growth rate of 16%.

In the first half of 2011, online display advertising accounted for 37% of all interactive spending, with search still accounting for 49% of the total,


or nearly $7.3 billion. Search outperformed Display by more than doubling its growth rate from the previous year, which was 11.6%, by about 27%.

According to a news release issued by the IAB in September 2011,

“The majority of advertisers know that getting their ads on multiple market-related websites is the best way to build brand recognition as well as increase conversion rates.”


Vertical market display advertising continues to generate a high percentage of display advertising revenue.

They are also aware of how expensive it is to market to publishers in a vertical market.

Advertisers require a means of placing their ads across multiple publisher websites in their vertical market with this.


Without making a significant investment in marketing, an ad network devoted to their market can provide them with the total volume of ad views required to support their marketing objectives.

Diversity in ad placement in a vertical market is important for brand recognition and sales.


On the vertical market publisher side, small publisher websites struggle to sell ad space due to their low ad views;

however, aggregating multiple small publisher websites appeals to advertisers and publishers alike.

The publisher benefits from increased website visibility and revenue as a result.

Ad networks for vertical or niche markets are the best way to meet the marketing and revenue needs of publishers and advertisers in a vertical market.


Before starting a vertical market ad network business, assess your skills in the following areas:

Ad server implementation and technology.

Writing code.


Front-end development for your industry’s website to connect to ad server technology.

Reaching out to your chosen vertical market.

Help for Customers

Internet business strategy and execution


Marketing, marketing, and more marketing, backed by support and a tested ad serving technology, is the key to building a profitable vertical ad network business.

Making sure that the market that advertisers want to reach and the market that publishers you sign up for are the same is the first step in building a foundation. This is essential for getting off to a good start.


Each vertical may have market niches that can be addressed separately to begin pursuing a particular vertical market.

If this is the case for your vertical market, you should first identify a particular segment of the market that you are most familiar with and then concentrate on this segment for signing up your first publishers and advertisers.


You can expand your marketing efforts to additional market niches to broaden your revenue base and grow your ad network business as the marketing and sales efforts produce positive cash flow.

Start small and wisely expand.


Who has the best chance of succeeding?

Businesspeople who have worked in advertising, sales, and marketing in a vertical market.

Media companies looking to increase their market share in specific niche markets.

Agencies that want to increase sales and client brand recognition.

What determines success?


Success equals demand, relevance, desire, knowledge, preparation, and perseverance. How long does it take to achieve positive cash flow? Good query.

When a vertical market ad network business can expect to reach positive cash flow,

a lot of factors come into play. The path to positive cash flow and profitability should be outlined in your business plan,


which should take into account all possible variables. In 4-5 months, you could have positive cash flow if you start with an

entry-level ad serving strategy. The majority of other methods can take up to eight months.

The pacing factor for determining when you will achieve positive cash flow is market penetration.


If you partner with an ad network business solution provider that can provide not only the ad network platform but also the website front end tailored to your market as well as ongoing business and technical support that complements your capabilities and finances,


starting a vertical market ad network business need not take months or cost a lot of money.

In order to keep your operating costs as low as possible while you build your market, cash flow, and valuable asset,

full service ad network providers typically offer a full range of services for a very low initial fee.


Consider the following when looking for a business partner in a vertical market ad network: reputable ad network platform that can adapt to your company’s needs. Services overall were provided. Choose something that meets your needs.


ad networks to consider. Overall capabilities of support Technical and business.

Time to sell. business expenses. There is not a lot of money required. You can start a virtual ad network business from your home or a small agency.